Elite Team


Jaocom Audio follows the corporate culture of valuing qualified personnel, aims at developing an innovative learning elite team. Jaocom respects employees’ pursue on personal ideal, personal goal and personal value; provide them with opportunity to participate in Jaocom management, solve practical problem and offer the employees opportunity , which suggest that employees  are an integral part to the company rather than tools and the company regards people as the root by offering recognitions and rewards to their excellent performance. Many enterprises think that employees’ satisfactions are closely related to their salary and other rewards, while Jaocom consider spiritual encouragement as an indispensable factor for motivational way in modern society. Besides, it is necessary to create a comfortable environment for innovation and encourage employees to improve their personality.


Jaocom pays much attention to employees, especially makes them feel that the company sincerely cares about them rather than taking advantage of them. Only when employees are willing to stay that they love Jaocom and spontaneously integral themselves into Jaocom. Besides, Jaocom has developed a strong sense of social responsibility. Jaocom has created a comfortable environment for employees to bring their potential into full play, which is bound to enhance their senses of pride and achievement, and promote their satisfaction.


Jaocom reckons that 99% of contradictions results from inefficient communication. Enhance efficient communication between leaders and employees to make leaders better understand what the employees think and adopt their constructive ideas, which help improve leader’s work and better meet the demands of employees. In Jaocom, there are many way to build an elite team, but they are all the same, that is: to regard people as the root. Jaocom considers employees as a core part of business; Jaocom respects them, adopt their opinions and shares interest together. Reasonable benefit sharing is the optimum way to form an elite team because benefit is the practical problem employees care the most. Only solve the practical problems well, can employees be initiative, innovative, active and passionate, which in turn, enhance internal cohesion and make Jaocom a success. The key to build an elite team successfully is to effectively communicate with employees our corporate culture, quality principles, objectives and policies.


Employees can improve their capability and knowledge in Jaocom. Everyone needs to make progress and Jaocom will meet these demands by offering training, education and sum-up experience. Jaocom will help those who have potential, entrust them with more responsibilities or higher position and realize their need of development. Jaocom knows well that employees’ demands are various and ever-changing. Only constantly satisfy their demands and desires, can their trust and confidence to Jaocom promote; and only care about employees, can their satisfaction improve, which will help maximize their sense of participation and initiative. All for one and one for all; when conditions are ripe, success will come.