Not to be missed, the latest and most complete electronic technology products are here!
Date: 2019-03-15
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This is a gathering place for gadget lovers

Hundreds of thousands of people gather here every year

They come from different countries and regions

But the purpose is the same - to show

What show?

If you don't already know

Then follow small make up to understand

Organised by the Hong Kong international trade development council (HKTDC), the Hong Kong electronics fair is now in its 15th year,
making it the most popular, largest and authoritative consumer electronics show in Asia. The international it expo held in the same
period last year attracted more than 3,250 exhibitors from 24 countries and regions.

The two exhibitions, with more than 4,000 booths, showcase a wide range of new consumer electronics, innovations and communications
technologies. There are more than 90,000 professional buyers, 37% of whom are from Hong Kong, while the remaining 63% are from
countries and regions outside Hong Kong.

This year "in the great hall of high-profile in the show," the museum of nearly 3000 square meters area, after years of the gathered themselves
together, and gradually formed in the great hall of the three products theme: professional speakers/household electrical appliances and
outdoor electronics/smart accessories and electronic accessories products, clear product definition has attracted more and more electronic
products lovers and buyers!

Know the background of the exhibition

Next we will  take you to understand this year's exhibition

What surprises will we bring you

In this impetuous society

One of the best ways to calm your mind is to listen to music

Whether at home, shopping malls, parks, squares

So wherever you have music

It always makes people feel relaxed and happy

But listening to music is not just listening to music

Good sound is the key

People will enjoy listening to music more

So this year JAOCOM brought you one

The newly developed hi-fi system

What is hi-fi?

The price of bronze, the sound of Kings

We're working on it  High fidelity, civilian

JAOCOM has fully independent intellectual property rights

So this stereo only in the port music, no other two

In addition, we also launched a series of flagship audio

Portable and desktop stereos

Portable stereo allows you to enjoy music outdoors

It is not only small and easy to carry

Also has the ultra high appearance level

This stereo supports both wired and wireless microphones

Let you have your own home at any time and anywhere

Desktop audio has both sound quality and design

It doesn't take up much space and is too powerful

Easily connect to bluetooth

Listen to broadcast, optical fiber, coaxial,LCD display, etc

Exquisite design and color matching

Whether it is the bookcase that puts in the home or tea table

Instantly improves the texture of the room

... ...

These are just a few of the surprises leggang has to offer

More surprises

Welcome to booth 3D-D31


Dear clients,

Hello, thank you very much for your long-term support! Now sincerely invite you to attend spring electronics show in 2019 in Hong Kong,
here you will learn about our latest research and development of high-end stereo, and a series of main stereo sound column, including
portable stereo and desktop audio is Paramount, shock of sound quality, delicate and cabinet design and color is tie-in, once become
the most popular product, you must not miss, we are looking forward to your arrival!

Exhibition name: Hong Kong electronics fair spring

Exhibition date: April 13, 2019 solstice April 16

Exhibit : 3D - D31

Venue: Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre, 1 expo road, wan chai, Hong Kong

Telephone: 0756-3882137


Welcome your presence at that time!

Hereby invited!

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