Professional Power amplifier
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Specially designed for entertainment engineering, to improve the overall sound quality and high stability performance. 

It has novel appearance, compact structure, exquisite workmanship and reliable quality. 

Excellent signal conversion characteristics, with very small harmonic distortion, intermodulation distortion, transient 

intermodulation distortion. 

Perfect protection system, and set up a peak detection circuit, efficient and perfect protection of the loudspeaker. 

The tone is pure, natural, medium and high frequency transparent, low frequency full and flexible, excellent musical expression 

makes you memorable. 

It has been widely used in KTV, entertainment clubs, bars and so on.

-Stereo output power 8O:550W*2
-Stereo output power 4Ω:830W*2
-Bridged mono output 8Ω:1660W
-Voltage gain:31dB
-Frequency Respones(+/-0.5dB):20Hz-20KHz
-Input Sensitivity:0.775V
-Input Impedance:20KO balance /10KO imbalance
-Slew rate:>10V/uS
-Power consumption:1100VA
-Damping coefficient:>200
-Transport dimensions:575mmX180mmX445mm
-Transport weight:13.5Kg
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