In 2012, faye wong and eason chan sang a song called "because of love >" on the stage of the Spring Festival gala, which caused a great heat.

Here's a CD of your past

Listen to our love then

Sometimes I suddenly forget that I still love you

You can't sing a song like that again

Would blush and hide

Although often forget that I still love you



How long has it been since you listened to a CD?

From the original tape to CD player to MP3 player

They are now being phased out

Now it is more and more convenient to listen to music on mobile phone

But there seems to be less of that initial joy

I miss those years of CDS

Listen to endless tapes of happy days

(careless exposure age)


Today small make up for you to recommend a can play CD stereo

Find the original happiness together


Functions: bluetooth,AUX, radio,USB/TF card(support non-lossless music format :ape,flac), optical fiber, coaxial, double karaoke with reverb,CD,CD+G

Size: body :L193 X W230 X H850mm

Base :L250 X W300 X H15mm

1560215676594014706.jpgThe sound column is mainly black, and the "slightly fat body" looks calm and elegant. The top panel is equipped with a display screen, silver function buttons and various interfaces.

A stereo that can play CDS

Now there are very few CD players on the market, let alone audio CD, with the development of The Times, some things are destined to be eliminated, but never be eliminated is the feelings!

Come home from work, put down tired body, open a piece of CD, nest on sofa, listen to those years happy oneself, feelings in the memory, life continues!


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