A good TV should have a good stereo

With the progress of The Times, most families have entered the well-off life, the needs of life has been completely solved, the next is to enhance the material and spiritual needs!

A lot of people like to see teleplay, also have very good TV in the home, but because TV is done more and more thinner, the volume of TV horn also suffers serious compression, a lot of friends think to match a sound system for TV alone, in order to promote the happiness when be being chased after drama. But TV acoustics kind is not little, basically cent is 2.0 system, desktop pedestal type acoustics, stripe acoustics, Soundbar.

Either way, they come with a TV, which improves the sound across the board and gives you a movie theater sound at home, but how?

Now the LCD TV penetration rate has been very high, compared to the color TV before, now the TV in picture quality has reached the 4K hd level, powerful, the industry also USES intelligent to describe today's TV. But it is not perfect, such as sound quality is one of its major weaknesses, I believe many users have deep experience.

So today we recommend a high-quality soundbar to our friends. Suit big sitting room and small sitting room to put, can satisfy the demand of different door model, and also suit weekend to prepare to curtilage to look greatly in the home very much you.

ISX - 600 (20WB)


This soundbar USES whole black colour collocation, know black is joker is lubricious, no matter be put in the home how to decorate won't wrong! Button design on the left side, the front is black steel mesh, the overall effect on the two words: atmosphere.

Support bluetooth,FM,3.5mm,Aux,USB(support lossless music)

Format :ape, flac) and other functions, very suitable for the love of drama you ~

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