I'm Jaocom, focusing on audio development and manufacturing.
Hello, everyone.
This is JAOCOM.
Your Palm Music Harbor
Zhuhai Jaocom audio co,.Ltd  was established in 2004
The main business is
Development and manufacture of wireless artificial intelligence Hi-Fi
15 years of ups and downs
Jaocom  has become one of the few audio industries in China
National high-tech enterprises
High number is GR 20174405868
Possession of fully autonomous intellectual property rights
And obtained a number of patents for inventions and utility models

Jaocom launched a series of wireless Bluetooth audio and Wi-Fi Smart Sound
The response in the European and American markets is enthusiastic
The product is close to perfect sound and high fidelity sound quality
Has received the praise of the public users
In 2014, the Wi-Fi artificial intelligence audio technology, audio DSP technology, speech recognition technology, and photocontrolled stereo technology R&D project were established.
It has been used in Jaocom series products; the product line is rich and mature, and the product performance is excellent and stable. Especially after the wireless sound column with DSP technology is put on the market,Sales have exploded!
"Strive for excellence and make good products"
It's the quality policy of Jaocom. Even a screw.
We have to be careful and meet standards.
Optimizing user experience
It's our eternal quest.
Jaocom series of products have passed TUV or SGS rigorous testing and obtained UL, FCC, CE, RED, ROHS product certification
Jaocom has worked hard for many years
In South America, South Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia
Occupy a place
Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, United States, Brazil, Chile, Agenyan,
Countries such as Uruguay, Australia, Russia, Turkey, South Korea and Indonesia all have our long-term partners.
Today, Jaocom and you work together to seize business opportunities;
Tomorrow, Jaocom and your brilliant share!
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