The volume of toys and background music should be controlled under 60 DB

It is reported that playing some lively music as background music in the baby room would help tapping intellectual resources of the baby since the day it was born. Besides, with the development of society and improvement of material live, various kinds of toys begin to step into babies’ live, and parents love choosing vocal toys for their babies. However, they may ignore that some toys’ sound would be too big to the babies hearing.

According to relevant data, noise over 70 DB would be harm for baby’s auditory system; over 80 DB would be beyond tolerance for children; and if constantly hearing 80 DB noise, children would generate headache, dizziness, tinnitus, emotional stress and deterioration of the memory. Children would be easily emotional, lack of tolerance and sleep when influenced by noise over a long time.

It is suggested by experts that 20-30 DB would be the optimum sound for early education in infancy stage; and the rational volume for babies aged from 1-3 year-old is around 40 DB. For children over 3 year-old, the volume of toys and speakers should be controlled under 60 DB. However, children’s toys like submachine gun, cannon and tank, would make a sound over 80 DB within 10 CM. Apart from playing functions, some toy can play music which are mainly noise and broken sound. If it last longer with higher volume, children’s hearing would be hurt. Therefore, we suggest that parents should choose music player with pure tone and high S/N, and parents should not just focus on children’s interest while ignore acoustic factor. (Source partly comes from

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